ASPHALT: Asphalt is our specialty.  We offer a full array of asphalt materials, from hot and warm mix for major highways to cold mix for patching and low-traffic roads.  Whatever your asphalt needs, we have the materials and expertise to get the job done.

CONCRETE: Concrete is another APAC specialty.  We do the best concrete work in the state and offer a full array of concrete products and services.  Whatever your concrete needs may be, we have the materials and expertise to get the job done.

COLD MIX: Over the years our cold mix has proven to be the most durable asphalt in the industry. We helped write the specifications of the industry.  Whatever your cold mix needs, we have the materials and expertise to get the job done.

SUPER PATCH: Our super patch material is guaranteed to patch and seal potholes for the long term.   It is designed to stay within the confined space, displacing any water that may be standing.  We use the highest quality and most durable patching materials available enabling the customer to patch once and move on.

CRUSHED CONCRETE: Thousands of tons of concrete are crushed and recycled each year for use in new construction projects, and APAC-Texas Dallas/ Fort Worth/Tyler is proud to be a part of this process.  We believe it makes for good business and also allows us to do our part for the environment.  We have well graded, clean crushed concrete available for purchase, and also receive clean concrete rubble in our yard for future crushing.

SIZE AGGREGATE: We offer a full range of aggregate sizes for our asphalt mixes and also have various size aggregates available for direct purchase.  Whatever your aggregate needs may be, we have the right sizes to get the job done.

LIMESTONE BASE: Our limestone base comes to us from the quarries of Missouri.  Its gray color and superior compatibility distinguish it from competitor products, its gradation meets or exceeds most specifications, and our customers rave about the fact that it doesn’t track footprints into buildings

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