INDUSTRIAL: Roads and parking lots – concrete and asphalt paving – grading, stabilization, excavation and embankments- whatever industrial construction needs you have, APAC-Texas Dallas/Fort Worth/Tyler has the materials and expertise to do the job.

BRIDGE: APAC-Texas has been constructing bridges for over 65 years.  During that time period, we have developed extensive expertise in bridge innovation.  We’ve also established a reputation for timely installation and one of the best bridge safety records in the business.

GRADING: Ensuring a level base on which to build is imperative for any construction project.  At APAC-Texas Dallas/Fort Worth, we offer the best grading work in the business along with a full array of grading services.  Whatever your grading needs may be, we have the experience and the resources to get the job done.

Nova Chip Paving: The Nova Chip paving process is a recent addition to the list of services offered by the APAC-Texas group of companies.  This process was introduced in the United States in 1992 by way of Europe.  The relative simplicity of the process along with its strong bonding properties make it a welcome addition to our paving resources.

Recycling: Daily and quietly, APAC Texas Dallas/Fort Worth/Tyler, along with the Hot Mix Asphalt industry in general, is recycling asphalt pavement to a substantially larger extent than any other industry. The industry recycles approximately twice the tonnage of asphalt pavement as the amount of recycled paper, glass, plastic and aluminum combined.  Additionally, engineers have determined that the asphalt pavement industry can make economical use of other waste products – such as old tires, factory-reject roofing shingles, slag aggregate from steel production and sand from metal-casting foundries – to make asphalt pavement.

  • Sales Contacts:
  • Pat Brady-Dallas
  • Chris Michaels-Dallas
  • Luke Warner-Dallas
  • Steve McConathy-Ft. Worth
  • Lance Phillips-Tyler

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