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APAC-Texas Dallas/Fort Worth/Tyler, with our more than one hundred years experience, are one of the oldest and most respected companies in the construction industry. We, along with our team of Oldcastle companies, offer more services, products and materials than any other builder in America.  We also serve a broader variety of contractors, businesses, municipalities, government agencies, and homeowners than any other builder/contractor.
Our extensive reach and reputation is a direct result of our rock-solid commitment to quality in performance.  With just under one thousand employees at our area locations, we work together every day to deliver products and projects of the highest quality to our customers.  In fact, we run the most efficient building sites in the industry, and we prove it every day.  APAC-Texas Dallas/Fort Worth/Tyler has been accredited by the Dallas/Fort Worth Better Business Bureau since 1948.


A short time ago a Sunday Evening News report ran a story of a hijacked 18 wheeler in which, the driver had been forced at gunpoint to drive several miles in an effort to avoid pursuing police.  Watching the news that evening was a TxDOT engineer who happened to recognize that the vehicle was traveling over a newly laid asphalt overlay mat on IH 20. The mat, only ¾ of an inch thick, was part of a new branded technology using a European born emulsion application process (Nova Chip) built onto the asphalt paver.  The engineer related to us that the next morning she went to the office, and then went to the project site to see what damage had been done to the new asphalt mat as a result of the truck chase.  In her words, she was “greatly surprised” that there was, in fact, NO damage from the metal rims running on the mat.  Not even a mark was left to indicate that the loaded 18 wheeler had even traveled over the newly laid surface.

Good work, APAC-Texas D/FW-Tyler!

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