When you think of asphalt:

  • We have made it longer (Experience)
  • We have made it better (Quality)
  • We have made it more safely (Care)
  • We have offered our customers more value (Integrity)

Than anyone else in the business.  What more is there to say?

"When my husband and I started this business, your salesman was the first vendor to come in the office. I was new to this and worried about getting started, he told me not to worry about all of the start-up stuff (credit account and billing), that he would help me through it. He did and I have always remembered that, that is why I still deal with APAC."

"I buy from APAC because of the service I get from you guys. It starts with the quote and continues until the job is finished."

"Price is important, but I have to have mix on the job and get it completed on time. You guys do a nice job of this."

"This is the first time I have ever had a salesman show up on my job and ask how things are going. He called the plant and got me 2 more trucks. Thanks."

"I will buy from APAC because I like dealing with your plant guys. I have known a lot of them for many years, and we can get things done."

"We have recently discussed in our Monday Estimator Meeting that we will use APAC whenever possible because of the service you provide. Because you have many different locations and are able to move things around we can complete jobs even when there is a problem."