Things are constantly changing at APAC-Texas Beaumont – it’s the nature of our business. Below is our most recent company news.

Pine Street Plant Earns NAPA Diamond Quality Award

Both our Beaumont and Jasper plants were recently awarded prestigious commendations from the National Asphalt Paving Association (NAPA). Each plant was recognized in three categories.

 The Diamond Achievement Award is attained through diligent attention to safety; plant appearances; and safe environmental practices.

 The Diamond Paving Award is designed to honor supervisors and crew members that have accomplished high standards in paving; training of “best practices”; and regulatory compliance.

 The Diamond Quality Commendation recognizes companies that have accomplished a superior evaluation in handling of both oil and aggregates; drying and mixing asphalt; and air quality.

We are very proud of the men & women of the Trotti & Thomson Division in both Jasper and Beaumont who work hard every day to assure that these high standards are met. The criteria for these coveted Diamond Achievements are developed by NAPA to insure members of our communities; our customers; and government officials that we are committed to producing a quality product, at a quality facility, and placed by a quality crew. By following the blueprint for excellence provided by NAPA we are confident that our folks are adhering to “best practices” for plant operations, asphalt mix production, and laydown procedures. What better way can we assure the traveling public that their tax dollars have been well spent.

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