Project Highlights


The Beaumont branch of APAC-Texas is currently working on multiple projects.  We’ve listed some highlights below.

Jasper Plant Reaches New Heights with NAPA Award

Each year the National Asphalt Paving Association bestows their “Diamond Achievement Award” to asphalt plants meeting the strictest of standards. The plants are judged on six criteria – appearance, operations, environmental practices, safety, permitting and regulatory compliance, and community relations. This is the highest award an asphalt plant can achieve and we are very proud to announce that our Jasper plant recently received this coveted prize.

Industrial Construction Continues on Record Pace

Normally if someone told you they installed a “gate” one would not be too impressed. But if you knew that the gate cost $2.3 million would that pique your interest? Trotti & Thomson Division recently completed such a project for Exxon-Mobil Refinery. Of course there was much more to the project than just installing a gate. There was dirt work, lime stabilization, concrete foundations, and asphalt – crossing over most of our lines of business. There were two structures, one being the guardhouse and two canopies that will allow the guards to do their Homeland Security searches in a covered area. The best part about the project was that it was completed on time and with zero safety incidents.

APAC-Beaumont Crews Awarded “Quality Asphalt Pavement Award”

The Trotti & Thomson Division was recently awarded the prestigious “Quality Asphalt Pavement” award from Texas Asphalt Pavement Association. Nearly 100,000 tons of hot mix was placed on US 96 in Jasper County. This is a major hurricane evacuation route and will ease traffic congestion through East Texas during those emergency events. The surface mix was SMA-D and the flexible base structure was repaired using Type “B” mix.

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